Titleist AP 1 Irons Review

The Titleist AP1 is dedicated for players looking for maximum distance. It comes with maximum levels of forgiveness which makes it a great tool for players of all levels. It is a dedicated iron which can be used on training days or in tournaments. Titleist has been known to produce high-quality irons and the AP 1 comparable with any other top iron offering maximum forgiveness. It does this by using high density tungsten which allows for weight redistribution.

By doing so it increases the moment of inertia on off-center shots. This makes the iron a solid performer for many types of players. New players will enjoy the extra left/right forgiveness. Intermediate players will have extra motivation to improve performance while professional players will find the A1 series a constant and trustworthy performer. The Ap1 irons have been recognizes as the most forgiving in their class.